💾Creating a Subplebbit / Windows

A beginners guide

- First we will install the Plebbit-CLI: You need to install vc-redist first. After you install vc-redist, download the installer of plebbit and next your way to the end. vc-redist: - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-US/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170 Plebbit Client: - https://github.com/plebbit/plebbit-cli/releases/latest/download/plebbit_installer_win32_x64.exe - Install both of these.

- Open windows PowerShell. PowerShell is a cross-platform task automation solution made up of a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management. We will be using this to create your Subplebbit.

Run the command "Plebbit Daemon" in your powershell window. You can also run Plebbit Daemon to see general info displayed in your Powershell Window. > Plebbit Daemon

- If you want to see the logs which include stuff like errors, warnings and also challenges received for X Subplebbit use this command " DEBUG="plebbit*" plebbit daemon " in your Powershell window.

Important: Once you run the daemon, you will NEVER touch the daemon window again. Leave it open and running. - To create a new Subplebbit and change it's settings open a new PowerShell window. If this is not your first time creating a Subplebbit and you want to see what Subplebbits you have stored on your computer type: " plebbit subplebbit list " into your newly opened PowerShell window and hit enter.

- Once you've done this, it will display your current subplebbits and whether they are online or not. The Address is the name/character string of your sub and Started is it's online status.

- Now to create a new Subplebbit enter the command: " plebbit subplebbit create "

12D3KooWR8iTmteQiFsF23mMvyYASKe2JV7YQUtW5JA1mDKJVgui is the name of your new Subplebbit! for now it is a random string of characters, but later on you will be able to give it a name using .ETH and .SOL addresses. This is explained in it own standalone guide. - Now we want to check the status of our new Subplebbit using the " plebbit subplebbit list " command again. Your PowerShell window should look like this now:

  • Now your new Subplebbit is created and online! You can access it by prefacing your Subplebbit address with any of these URLs. Each one displays your subplebbit data within a different GUI. (Graphics User Interface) seedit.eth.limo/#/p/12D3KooWR8iTmteQiFsF23mMvyYASKe2JV7YQUtW5JA1mDKJVgui




Seedit is a desktop app that resembles classic reddit Plebchan is a browser interface that resembles classic 4chan Plebones is a barebones plebbit client, optimized for speed Plebbitapp is is the first plebbit client All clients are available as both web app and desktop app!

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